Anne Meyer
I am an artist who has worked in several mediums and has been focused on art-making since I could talk. Recently I have enjoyed making figurative ceramic sculpture as it combines my training in clay with an older love of drawing. It is intuitive to me to build hollow figures from slabs and coils of clay. I am drawn to clay for its transformation in the process of firing, it's feel and its potential, and the joy it brings me.

My pieces are the physical evidence left by an on-going inquiry into who I am and my relationship to the world. They are self-portraiture in that they are distilled representations of my own experiences, and over time, my pieces allow me to see change in myself. This supports my belief that I can grow and learn.

Making art for me is like breathing: underpinning my day-to-day concerns are cycles of inspiration and expression. I look to art for evidence of human awareness and concern, and I invest my own thoughts and caring into my art-work. My measure of my work is if others are moved by it, and I value my work for the dialogue it creates between me and its viewers. I am continually amazed at the stories that my pieces draw out of others, deepening my understanding of the images I've made.

I believe that by choosing to engage with something, we encounter an opportunity to develop and to become. Art is the language I understand with which to engage the world.